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The Signature Bundle (1 Signature Bed + 1 Original Hybrid Mattress)

Regular price $838.00
Sale price $838.00 Regular price $2,096.00
WHAT IT IS Our top-rated and best value mattress designed for optimal comfort, increased airflow, and durable support
  • Combines 5 contouring layers that minimizes pressure points and keeps your spine aligned
  • Has 5 ergonomic zones for optimal support
  • Has resilient pocket springs for long-lasting support
  • Comes with 1 Original Hybrid Mattress, 1 Signature Bed, 1 FREE Pillow
  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Solo sleepers and pet-lovers
  • Value-conscious sleepers who want the most bang for your buck
  • Dream Pillows 1 Free Pillow

    Customer Reviews

    Good for back pains

    My old mattress was too soft and I needed a firmer one due to back pains. Tried it for about 5 weeks and found it just perfect. My back pains are gone, highly recommended for those with back complications

    Mei Y.

    No regrets at all

    Got the mattress a month ago since I moved in, no regrets at all. Super comfy and durable, even my dog climbs on it every day. Wish I could stay in bed all day

    Mark D.

    Great product and service

    First time to buy mattress online, overall great experience. Mattress arrived in 2 days, it also came with a manual and a cutter which made the whole setting up easier

    Samantha P.



    Love at first sleep

    Don’t Sweat It

    Our team of sleep experts have designed the Emma mattress to allow for good airflow and top-notch moisture regulation so you stay cool and sweat-free while you sleep.

    Get In the Zone

    Our pressure-relieving, zoned mattress designs provide full body support that adapts to any body type. This allows your spine to stay aligned whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper.

    Do Not Disturb

    Our motion-isolating foam is designed to make sure that any movement from your pets, kids, or (differently-sized) significant other from the other side of the bed won't disturb your good night's sleep.

    Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

    The sleek and modern designs of our sleep products make them a great fit for any home. You can rest easy knowing you're only getting the best and comfiest accessories for your bedroom.
    Take a look under the covers.

    1. Breathable. Emma UltraDry ® Original Cover.

    This temperature-regulating breathable cover makes mattress maintenance easy: It’s moisture-wicking, easy to remove, and washable.