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Emma Mattress Care Advice

1. Test your mattress
2. "New" mattress smell
3. Turn over your mattress
4. Find the suitable bed frame
5. Let your mattress breathe
6. Caring for Emma
7. Protect your mattress

1. Test your mattress

Just like a new pair of shoes, your mattress and body need a little time to adjust. We suggest that you wait until your body has had the full opportunity to experience the wonderful benefits provided by the Emma mattress.

Testing out your mattress

Adapt to the mattress

It takes 6 to 8 weeks for your body to fully adapt to a new mattress.

Trial nights

Fortunately, our 100 night trial period gives you plenty of time to test our mattress. Relax and enjoy!

2. "New" mattress smell

This is perfectly normal.

Getting rid of the smell
Icon 1 - Getting rid of the smell

Air out your mattress for a few hours in a well-ventilated room.

Icon 2 - Getting rid of the smell

You can also wash the cover to speed up this process. This will remove odors that may have been trapped in the fibers.

Icon 3 - Getting rid of the smell

If you wish, you can dilute a few small drops of your favorite essential oil in water and spray the solution onto the foam (not the cover!)

3. Turn over your mattress

In order to prevent any impression on the body, you can rotate your Emma mattress.

Icon 1 - Rotating your mattress

Once a month, for the first six months.

Icon 2 - Rotating your mattress

After that, a rotation every three months is enough.

No need to turn the mattress!

Rotating your mattress

Make sure the white side of the cover is always facing up. This will allow your mattress to retain all of its properties.

Rotating your mattress

Grabbing the bottom of the mattress corners will be the most gentle method on your back and on your mattress. You can also ask a friend for help!
(Note: The handles are only used to adjust the mattress on the box spring and not to move it.)

4. Find the suitable bed frame

The Emma mattress is so adaptable that you can lay it on any clean, dry surface. However, placing your mattress on a suitable base, such as a slatted base, will give you the best sleep.

The box spring

This box spring will provide firm support.

Finding the right bed base

The slatted base

This box spring will give you more intermediate support. For optimal comfort, the distance between the slats should be 5cm maximum.

Finding the right bed base

5. Let your mattress breathe

Our open cell foams are highly breathable to help you sleep soundly through the night.

6. Caring for Emma

Take care of your Emma mattress as you would your favorite T-shirt.

7. Protect your mattress

To enjoy a happy and healthy sleep for even longer, we recommend using our mattress protector.

It wraps around your mattress and includes probiotics that actively fight mites that cause allergies.
The mattress protector is also waterproof, it wicks moisture and is breathable, for a sleep free of allergens and irritations.

Protect your mattress
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